Castle Rock Mediation

Here at Castle Rock Mediation, we are dedicated to you and all your different mediation needs. Whether it's divorce, post divorce, child custody, family disputes, landlord-tenant, or any other type of dispute we are here to help.

Castle Rock Mediation

Mediation for:

  •      Divorce
  •      Post Divorce
  •      Parenting issues  
  •      Employer/Employee disputes             
  •      Landlord/Tenant disputes
  •      Business disputes
  •      small claims
  •     ​Other Services:
  •     mortgage lending
  •     Divorce Real Estate services​

About Us

Our passion is to help people in all stages of their lives, especially when things can get difficult. We want to help them create positive change no matter what they are going through. By utilizing our services as mediators, individuals deeply entrenched in what seems like insurmountable differences can come to agreement on issues and leave the process knowing that they contributed to a successful resolution. They often have a sense of relief and renewed hope. We love what we do as mediators, and it shows in our approach. Our focus is helping other people to make their way through a difficult dispute so they can move forward empowered by making their own decisions. 

We encourage people to listen with purpose so as to be able to actually “hear” what the other party is saying. We especially like to help divorcing couples communicate in a respectful and courteous way that will provide a framework for the best possible outcome for their family in the future.

We take the time to research your situation completely and bring about the most effective opportunities ensuring you get the successful outcome you deserve. We're proud that so many of our clients have repeatedly referred us to other parties they know who need our services. We are determined to work hard to earn our clients loyalty every day. We're here to help you move on with your life.