Castle Rock Mediation


Great Service!  

Paula was compassionate and yet kept things business-like! We were able to come to a compromise that worked for both of us. I highly recommend her for any one in need of a good mediator.  ----Lori S.

I came to Castle Rock Mediation a mess and overwhelmed. Paula Waterman helped me overcome my fears by walking me through the process of filing my divorce papers. She was a great help and very knowledgeable of how to fill out the forms and what to concentrate on where it mattered. Our divorce process has been incredibly amigable due to the lack of frustration that usually is the cause of contentious divorces. Paula has always been fair to both sides in spite of my acquaintace with her prior to the divorce. I feel so relieved to have had a resource like Paula and Castle Rock Mediation because now I feel that the only reason why divorces are so contentious and so stressful is because lawyers seem to want it that way (my opinion). It doesn't always have to be this way. In Paula you will find an honest, non partial and wise counsel who will provide a stress-free environment in what is such a stressful situation in life. I highly recommend and will continue to recommend Castle Rock Mediation and Paula Waterman.-- Mary B.

Castle Rock Mediation’s Paula Clodfelder has a perfect balance of humor, wit, truth, and common sense that allows parties at odds with each other to find a mutually agreeable middle ground. Two weeks ago, I strode into the office of Castle Rock Mediation with a firm belief that I was getting ready to waste the next two hours of my life. I’ve never been happier to admit that I was wrong! My ex-husband and I had been deadlocked in a heated dispute about custody of our two daughters. In Douglas County, any contested court action comes with an obligation for the parties to attempt to mediate before the issue can be heard by the court. In my search for a firm to mediate in our case, I discovered a fantastic local resource. Castle Rock Mediation offers a very convenient location and an exceptional hourly rate, but what really separates Paula from other mediators is her non-traditional approach to the mediation process.
When the date of our meeting arrived, I was a bit surprised to meet the cheery, blonde Paula Clodfelder. She was a breath of fresh air in comparison to the ancient, semi-retired attorneys that rolled out of their dusty, dimly lit law offices with looks of irritation at the disruption of their day. I found Paula to be engaging, down-to-earth, relatable, and easy to talk to. Paula did an excellent job of fact finding and discerning the areas of contention. Paula seems to be a very astute judge of character and customizes her communication style to be able to connect with each individual party most effectively. In the past, prior mediators have alienated one or the other of us by appearing to have chosen a “side.” Paula, on the other hand, was completely neutral and non-judgmental. With her guidance, we were able to navigate the tricky waters of the issues of contention surrounding our parenting plan. She quickly targeted the areas of the most contention, then immediately skipped them. I was really surprised and mildly annoyed by this tactic. My past mediation experience involved protracted discussions of the primary issues immediately after arriving. Instead, Paula delved deeply into the minutiae to find areas where we were already in agreement.
Once we found these areas where we were having a meeting of the minds, we pushed a little deeper into the murkier waters. She carried the energy of the positive progress that we’d achieved into the higher conflict areas. Paula had reserved her entire afternoon schedule for our session, but it was apparent even before the two-hour period was up that we were going to quickly find a peaceful resolution on all of our outstanding issues.
In my original search for a mediator, the only issue that gave me pause in hiring Paula was the fact that there were no online reviews for Castle Rock Mediation’s services. I’m the first person normally to do my “homework”; almost all of my purchases of anything beyond groceries comes with a check of the reviews of the company and/or the product I’m considering. Since I had so little hope that mediation would be productive, the lack of reviews didn’t matter so much.
In writing this review, it is my hope to assure others that their time in mediation with Paula will not be in vain. No mediator will ever be able to claim a 100% success rate, but Paula brings a unique and effective skill-set to the negotiating table. This entirely different approach to the mediation process ended up yielding a very positive result. My ex-husband and I left her office chatting cordially instead of hissing at each other angrily. What a refreshing change! Despite her lack of reviews and lower price point, I could not have asked for a better quality of service. Paula is part mediator and part miracle worker. ***** 5 star service*****  ----M.N.

During the time that was the most difficult time of my life, trying to navigate a separation and divorce from my husband, I knew it had the potential to be disastrous. I was hopeful that there was a way that we could go through this difficult time and still be respectful of one another. We were both so broken, angry and vulnerable. We chose to use Paula through Castle Rock Mediation instead of spending a huge amount of money on attorneys. It was hands down, the best experience that we could have been involved in, during that difficult time. She was so compassionate to our situation, patient with us, and facilitated an opportunity for us to walk out her door still caring for one another. Three years ago we divorced, but today we remain friends and I attribute it primarily to the environment that Paula helped create for us. And the real winner in this tragic loss, is our daughter who doesn’t have to know what it’s like to have parents at odds with one another after divorce.-- Kris johnson

Paula has been such an advocate for me with mediation. She was encouraging and would explain in layman's terms anything I did not understand. I was impressed with her willingness to stop and answer any questions I had and was kind and so knowledgeable with her own life experiences. I would recommend her services to anyone who wants a great experience with something that is difficult. She put me at ease.--- Juliana Y.