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Paula Waterman


  • Calvin College, Bachelor in English & Theology


  • 40 hr Mediation Certificate

Paula Waterman

Divorce Mediator

My passion is to help people in all stages of their lives, especially when things can get difficult.  I want to help them create positive change no matter what they are going through. By utilizing my services as a mediator, individuals deeply entrenched in what seems like  insurmountable differences can come to agreement on issues and leave the process knowing that they contributed to a successful resolution. They often have a sense of relief and renewed hope.

I love what I do as a mediator, and it shows in my approach.  My focus is helping other people to make their way through a difficult dispute so they can move forward empowered by making their own decisions. ​

As a facilitator, I enjoy helping  individual and groups learn to communicate better and more effectively.  I encourage people to listen with purpose so as to be able to actually “hear” what the other party is saying.  I especially like to help divorcing couples communicate in a respectful and courteous way that will provide a framework for the best possible outcome for their family in the future.


  • Mediator and Divorce Services specialist, Castle Rock Mediation, 2012-present

  • Independent Broker/Owner Waterman Team Realty, 2012-present

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